Hart & Sole


North West Clog Morris as danced by Hart & Sole is flamboyant and full of sounds with the clashing of clogs on the pavement, the rhythm of the melodeons and the beating of the drums contributing to the excitment of the dancing. Each dance consists of 8 dancers, usually 4 men and 4 women wearing contrasting coloured kit. The dances are led by a caller who leads the dancers and musicians. Each dance usually has 2 or 3 tunes associated with it.


A polka dance taught to Hart & Sole by John Stanley of Horwich, January 1993.

Music - Rattling Bog.

Lytham St. Anne Club Walk

Source unknown as yet. A processional dance performed with a walking step.

Music - Cock o' the North; Rogues March.

Old Thumper

A polka dance taught to Hart & Sole by Kris Lawrence. Named after the side in Australia from whom she learnt the dance.

Music - Yellow Rose of Texas.


A single step dance, taught by Bob Tatham, adapted from the dance as performed by Yateley North West Morris. This is a show dance and is performed with verve and vigour.

New Yateley No.1 Polka

New for the repertoire in 1999. This is the first polka stolen from Yateley, taught to us by Dave John.

Music -



Music -




Anstey Mill

A dance devised by Roy Dommett based on a French tourney horse dance.

Music - Brian Boru (32 bar 6/8)

Wellington Folly

A dance devised from Roy Dommett's notes on "Lancashire Clog Morris": dances first taught at Albert's Out of Town Festival, Bath, February 1975. Adapted by Jerry West, 1994. A single step and polka dance.

Music: Liberty Bell (Monty Python), 76 Trombones, Lily the Pink.


Another dance taught by Dave John.





Mrs Heppel



West Houghton






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